How do you create boundaries as an empath so that you can awaken into the Star Seed that you are? What if X-Men was a real thing, and we’re all stuck in the Matrix?

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  • “As an empath, we feel other people’s feelings and that’s a gift, not a curse.

  • “In order to be of service as an empath, you need to get clear with your energy - and you can’t get clear with your energy if you’re so clogged up with other people’s.”

  • “When you’re an empath, you start to realize what are the things you need, and then those things become nonnegotiable.”

  • “When you realize that the reason you’re an empath is because you have this great capacity for so much heart and compassion for the world, and that is a beautiful, precious thing that needs to be honed, then you don’t just give it out to everybody. Because not everybody wants to receive it, and not everyone wants to use it.”

  • “I soon realized that by me interjecting myself in (helping others), I was actually robbing them of their sovereignty of their journey. I had to let them experience their journey, even if they were falling off a cliff.”

  • “We all have a journey, we all have a purpose, and we all have something to very important to provide on this planet for everybody. It’s our responsibility to get in touch with what it is, and that means not getting distracted by all the crap that’s going around and focusing on what are you superpowers and how do you keep focusing on it and how do you bring it out into the world so other people can experience you.”

  • “I was the brushfire. I was all over the place and out there in full on warrior mode, and that has a place. It’s still with me now, but it’s different.”

  • “The identification with our traumas is so important to address, and it’s also important to not attach to the story after you’re done with that.”

  • “You are meant for so much greater, and our ancestors paved ground so that we could flourish.”

  • “There are certain star systems that are aligned with the light that have created a federation to help create this universal peace and higher vibration. That galactic federation, otherwise known as the Star Nation as Native Americans term them - I’m a conduit between that. Whenever Mother Gaia is in trouble, i would call down the Star Nation and ask them for help…

  • “I have this awareness that I also activate the codes in other Goddesses. Codes are divine turn keys within ourselves. We all powers. All that X-Men stuff that we’re attracted to, we actually have that. We’re telepathic, we can shift objects, we have those powers but we’ve been made to lead otherwise. We’ve been basically believing the Matrix the whole time.”

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Margarita Alcantara is an Activator of the Goddess Codes, Mouthpiece for the Goddess Consciousness, an embodiment of Mother Gaia, Conduit Between the Star Nation and Mother Gaia, Chakra Expert, and Catalyst for Awakening. Her mission is to elevate the Goddess Consciousness on our planet, through activating the Goddess Codes in other Goddesses, including Mother Gaia. Her worldwide Goddess Power Activation Retreats create a planetary revolution in service to the Goddess. As a Licensed Acupuncturist, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Medicine Woman, she helps her patients awaken into their spiritual badassery at her private practice in NYC. Her weekly Monday Facebook live event, the Mother Gaia Power Portal, channels powerful healing activations from the Goddess. Her book, Chakra Healing, was recently published by Althea Press.


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