Kea Duggins


“I'm early in my coaching partnership with June, but in the time we have worked together, she has reminded me in no uncertain terms of my power. Not only has she helped me to connect with the finer points of my story and how that can offer healing and guidance to others, but she has supported me in getting out of my head. What do I mean by that? Well, as a career marketer, I was always quick with counseling my clients on ways to best elevate their brand and provide value to their audience. However, when the brand I was marketing was me, I was drawing a blank. I forgot many basic things that I could do to elevate my brand and establish myself as a leader, but June helped me to reconnect with that expertise. She offered different ideas for me to consider (that by the way have already gotten rave reviews from clients), she has reminded me to flex my CEO skills, to collect evidence of my expertise, and to not be afraid to ask for the speaking engagements I want, and to set my terms for those opportunities. If you are ready to stop going it alone, and ready to hear what you need to hear (and what what you want to hear) but always with love to elevate your brand, June is the coach for you.”

Kea Meyers Duggan
Founder & CEO of The Aha! Project
Los Angeles, CA