Valerie Smith

Working with June was truly a great experience. We spent about four months together, and in that time I felt like I was able to more clearly see my own self reflected back at me. Our practices often took me out of my comfort zone, but out there was so much useful, hidden knowledge. I truly loved some of the somatic work that allowed us to get imaginative and into the wisdom that my own body holds. 

When we started, I had just moved to a new place in order to challenge myself deeper into my work. During our time together, June sparked so much creativity and helped me to trust in my own creative process, my own voice, and my own ability to reach my goals. She helped me to see myself as already "there". Her spirit is incredibly loving, supportive, and oh so smart: just the type of healer we need to help the healers of the world! 

For me, the most useful part of all of this work was really being able to learn to see + feel myself clearly. When we started, I felt excited, but also scared and overwhelmed. I felt really fearful of failure, of not being worthy. Now, I am ready to step into those unknowns and I trust that my voice matters. June is the real deal: she does her own work, she's constantly reaching toward the light, and she is fluent in the overlap of spirituality and social justice. I was honored to work with her and I'm so happy to carry what I've learned out into the world. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for support on their journey into themselves and their role on this Earth!

-Valerie Smith