Chhen Nguon

I met w/ June at the Bluffs in Long Beach for our 1st face to face session. 

June helped me face my past self, present self, and future self through a series of exercises that asked me to envision myself in each moment. It truly helped me to to see the different sides of me and what story or program I had for each.

After that session, we had 2 more "1 on 1" phone sessions where I was able to comfortably talk with June about my follow up assignments. I created a video and artistically shared myself and wrote down 100 amazing things about myself. That helped me greatly.

Through our sessions, i was able to go on the longest nonsmoking period in my life (22 days).
I was able to overcome past limiting beliefs and even met with my grandmother in a phone session.

June's work is so needed in our modern 1st world times that we live in. Her compassion & keen ability to communicate makes her relatable. I'm able to open up to her freely without judgement, which helps me to release any bottled up emotions or negativity.

I understand this work of self love & self healing is a work in progress, and June has definitely given me the tools to do so in our short time together.

After our sessions, I left to Cambodia for a 6 months traveling journey and June helped send me off properly. Now Im back and am on another non- smoking stretch at day 17. Looking to beat my record and go even further, healthwise, spritually, emotionally, and all the above.

Thanks June for all that you do.