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Your Story Medicine: How to Move from Trauma to Resiliency

a FREE online event curated by Jumakae

Your Story Medicine is 14 days of immersion with changemakers and entrepreneurs in the field of coaching, the arts, and wellness. Join us as we dive into the intersections of social justice and healing. Enjoy free resources and guided meditations from several of our speakers to support you on your journey toward resilience!

OCTOBER 2 - OCTOBER 18, 2018

This series will invite you to:

  • Challenge the definition of what it means to be a "healer"

  • Expand upon ways to understand and practice self-care

  • Step into entrepreneurship as sacred activism and decolonization

  • Reflect on one's responsibility in the wellness and coaching industry

  • Gain the confidence to explore and create new stories for your life

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How to Respond to Triggers | Emotional Freedom Tapping
7:00 PM19:00

How to Respond to Triggers | Emotional Freedom Tapping

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Fight. Flight. Freeze. If you are feeling more anxious than usual these days, you are not alone. What are triggers, and how can we change our response to them? Join us for an evening of education, embodiment, and emotional freedom tapping techniques that can be used to calm the nervous system. *Space is limited to 12 participants

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Tuesday Night Project: The Poetry Show
7:30 PM19:30

Tuesday Night Project: The Poetry Show

Now the longest currently running Asian American mic series in the country, TNC highlights new work in visual and performing arts from the Los Angeles and Asian American artistic community in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo. Join us for our landmark 20th season at one of the longest running free public arts series' in downtown Los Angeles.

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People's State of the City 2018
2:00 PM14:00

People's State of the City 2018

I'm directing a theater skit with Long Beach residents that will be performed at LB People's State of the City 2018. It's an incredibly inspiring event put on by community organizers addressing current issues such as environmental justice, housing displacement, immigration, education, hotel workers' rights, and so much more!!! As quoted by Audre Lorde, "There is no thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives." I've been involved in this event for the past several years as an artist/speaker, though it brings me joy to see others get on stage for their first time to tell their stories. Every year, at least 500 people show up ready to be heard and take action. This year's theme is around "Denial," which is what I'll be shaping this script around.

If you're interested in attending this free event, you can check out the facebook event page here!

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3:30 PM15:30

Yoni Health & Wellness

Did you know that the choices you make now will manifest in your uterus as you grow older? This goes way beyond diet, but the thoughts you consume and the environment you're in. That's why I'm super excited to bring my sister Monisha Colon Hydrotherapist of Moya Body-Care to share her work around uterine health, especially through healing the gut. I've also been overwhelmed by the number of detox programs available, but Monisha gets straight to the point and caters to each body type.

Yoni Health & Wellness.jpg

$25 for 3 hours worth of information that could save your life vs a $10,000 hospital bill. We'll just be scratching the surface, but it's a start. :)

Yoni = Sanskrit word for "sacred place", a flower to bloom, the beginning of consciousness, portal into the cosmos, or more commonly known to westerners as "Vulva". 

Join Monisha Colon Hydrotherapist (Owner of Moya Body-Care) andJune Kaewsith (aka Jumakae) for a deep dive into womb wellness. This workshop is about prevention as well as alternative remedies to soothe common symptoms. We will dive into root causes of our imbalances and share our personal journeys of healing.

Topics to be explored include: 
-Identifying spiritual + physical imbalances
-Cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, hysterectomies
-What your discharge is trying to tell you
-Energy transference: Is this my trauma?
-Connection between the Colon and the Uterus
-Self care tips: Meditation/Movement, Journaling, Cleansing Herbs

This workshop is open to all bodies with a uterus. Bring your notebooks and an openness to ask questions! 

*Note: If there are any questions you'd like to ask privately, please PM either one of us so we can better serve you.

To reserve your spot, please send $25 to venmo @jumakae, or

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE (for updates): https://www.facebook.com/events/1353969338042824/

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8:00 AM08:00

Mulheres Da Terra (Women of Earth) Documentary Screening

Mulheres da Terra.jpg

"While still a teenager, a young woman with a dream of becoming a midwife begins a journey in search of traditional midwives. Her journey takes her through northeastern Brazil, indigenous villages, rural communities, quilombo settlements, and fishing villages. After meeting with these women, she transforms what she has learned into a film about ancestral wisdom and birth." http://mulheresdaterra.com.br/wp_en/#projeto

Mayara Boaretto Rocha is a midwife’s apprentice based in San Paolo, Brazil. Her journey was inspired by her own birth experience, after questioning why it is she was born via caesarean section in a city hospital while her parents were both birthed at home by traditional midwives. Brazil has one of the highest c-section rates in the world, and Mayara’s journey took her to rural villages in her country to interview traditional midwives and their challenges of upholding these practices as more people travel to hospitals in nearby cities for birth. After screening her personal documentary in various indigenous communities within Brazil, she will be embarking on a US and European tour to further have conversations around birth stories and the reclamation of traditional healing.

Following the screening will be a Q&A panel consisting of Mayara and local birthworkers of color in the Long Beach/Los Angeles area. The panel will be moderated by organizer June Kaewsith (Jumakae).

Panelists include:
-Panquetzani of Indigemama: Ancestral Healing
-Stevie Merino of Sol & Roots Doula & Placenta Encapsulation
-Jhoanna Galvez of Malaya Midwifery
-Debbie Allien of Debbie Allen Tribe Midwifery
*Panelists are subject to change since they are on call for births.

*Small children who anticipate sharing a seat with an adult are welcome to come at no additional fee.

PURCHASE TICKETS: http://bit.ly/2AESpln

Please join us afterward for a birthworkers resource fair at Native Sol(directly aross the street from the venue) from 1:00 - 4:00PM, organized by Long Beach Birthworkers of Color Collective.

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