My logo and DBA (doing business as) is inspired by one of the few known female deities in Buddhism, Green Tara. Buddha literally translates to "awakened one", and is available to all of us as we walk this path of alleviating suffering. 

Who is Green Tara?

According to Lion's Roar:

  • "The story tells us that Tara was a princess named Wisdom Moon, who was very devoted to the dharma and had a deep meditation practice. She was close to enlightenment, raising the intention to reach enlightenment for the benefit of all beings, when a monk approached her and said what a pity it was that she was in the body of a woman, because she would have to come back as a man before she could become enlightened. The princess answered back brilliantly, demonstrating her understanding of emptiness and absolute truth, saying, 'Here there is no man; there is no woman, no self, no person, and no consciousness. Labeling ‘male’ or ‘female’ is hollow. Oh, how worldly fools delude themselves.'"

While there are many variations of her story, one thing remains the same: Instead of entering Nirvana as the goal of all those who reach enlightenment, she made a conscious decision to be reborn into every lifetime in a woman's body until all people in this physical realm are free from suffering - and, in my interpretation, where gender, race, and class are no longer barriers toward anyone's liberation.

I had a profound experience with Tara in February 2017, when I took a trip back to Thailand to learn about how my ancestors healed one another through plant medicine and womb massages. You can read more about it from my blog here.

Since then, this has manifested into my consulting practice, "Green Tara Guidance".


If you look closely at the hand, you can see my initials: JMK - 

June M. Kaewsith

And there you have it. I offer this lotus to you in hopes that you will join me on this journey of moving from our head to our heart space, and creating the reality which we want to see!