Marisol has been a trauma informed yoga instructor and training manager with Community Coalition since 2011. Her full-time venture is Mayan Rose, a thriving handmade crystal healing jewelry & lifestyle brand, she founded in 2012. We discuss:

  • Unpacking the yoga industrial complex

  • Privilege as invisible benefits

  • How Marisol has built a 6 figure online business of service without having gone to business school

  • Destroying the myth of ‘jack of all trades, master of none’

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*The last 1o minutes of this interview is a guided meditation.


  • “Karma Yoga teaches us is that we receive our growth and self-awareness by being of service.”

  • “The more I taught in different yoga studios, the student base inside the four walls of the studio were definitely not representative of the diversity that was found outside of those walls.”

  • “The beauty of yoga is that you just need your breath and yourself. There’s no fancy equipment and it’s something that if taught, you can do on your own.”

  • “We can’t view someone who doesn’t participate as a failure. We’re planting seeds, and it could be several years until that lesson flourishes and comes back into their awareness and say, ‘Oh, i heard that in a yoga class once.’”

  • “Detachment is a big part of karma yoga because a lot of it is so unknown.”

  • “We define privilege as these invisible benefits that certain people get. Some people may not get these benefits, and it can be something as simple as having transportation to get to a job everyday, or having a last name that when you send a resume for your job may sound more mainstream that will cause the employer to be more likely to call you…”

  • “One of the common responses when we start to study our privilege and we do come from that background is a sense of guilt. I quickly realized that being guilty or feeling shame for our privilege serves no one, and that in my opinion the most effective way to take that privilege is to view it as a responsibility.”

  • “You can take something that you love to do, that brings you joy, and create an income stream out of it.”

  • “I never took any business courses in college. I never received training and how to run a business. Everything I’ve learned has been through reading blogs, watching youtube videos, finding other people who are successful and reading their articles or interviews by them, and learning what worked for them and then applying it to my brand in a way that feels authentic and natural.”

  • “First i was a TV host and producer and writer, and all of a sudden my facebook posts were like, ‘Come take my yoga class’. And then it was like, ‘Come check out my online business and buy stuff i’ve made.’ So a lot of it is being willing to reinvent yourself and have the courage to reinvent yourself and trust that you don’t necessarily have to have ten years of experience. Just start.”

  • “Not having the answers actually encourages you to go ahead and try different things that you maybe wouldn’t have tried if you were given a sure formula from a text book or professor. When you break free from that, then you truly can be everything. You don’t have to just be one thing. You can try all different things as long as you enjoy what you’re doing and your heart is in it and you’re being true to yourself.”

  • “That whole jack of all trades and master of none is BS; it’s not real.”

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Yoga instructor, writer, activist, creative designer and more, Marisol Tamez is passionate about integrating her diverse interests with her purpose: to facilitate healing and inspiration for all populations. She combines her BA in Psychology & Criminology along with a near decade-long career as a TV Host, Writer & Producer, ensuring an experience that is not only grounded in mind-body science, but also creative and engaging.

Marisol’s love affair with yoga began in 2010 after her years as a dancer resulted in two knee ACL replacements.  In 2011, she attained her 200-Hour Teacher Training with Terri Cooper at 305 Yoga in Miami. Soon after, she completed training in yoga therapy for youth with Autism and Special Needs with Louise Goldberg and Off The Mat Into The World’s Advanced Leadership trainings.

Marisol currently serves as Connection Coalition’s Trainings Manager, a national nonprofit offering free yoga programs to youth in schools, foster homes, rehab centers, shelters and more. In this role, she coordinates and leads CoCo’s 15-Hour Trauma Informed Outreach Training in yoga studios across the US. To date her team has trained more than 3,200 yogis, educators and mental health professionals. In 2019, Marisol will begin a national training tour of the Chakarology program, which uses an integrative, yoga-based approach to help students align their chakras.

Marisol’s full-time venture is Mayan Rose, a thriving handmade crystal healing jewelry & lifestyle brand, she founded in 2012. 


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