Lara-Rose Duong, also known as the "Modern Money Witch", holds space for sacred women to define prosperity and luxury in their own terms. In this talk, we discuss:

  • What it means to be a witch, and a rich one

  • Dismantling the good versus bad narrative around "money honey"

  • What refugees teach us about resilience (including what's happening at the US-Mexico border)

  • Manifesting the new heart-led economy as an alternative to capitalism



  • What does it mean to be a rich witch? I think that is something that can be defined by each person on their own terms, but for me it has multi layers. One, it is a person that can heal themselves in conjunction with the divine. It is a person that lives prosperity by their own definition and leads with their heart over their mind.”

  • Money is something that is representative of energy. Energy itself is not inherently evil or good. For me it’s the container that holds the energy that can influence what it does in this world. So you can have positive impact, or not so positive impacts on how you feel that money honey or energy. It’s the same how we feel love. In the hands of love, love can feel so nourishing and like ecstasy, and other people can use love as a tool of manipulation and control, as a power tool…”

  • “Any extra money that i have, i want to give it to people in America to reunite families that are being separated.”

  • The more that we see (money) as something that is evil and not of us, the more you’re not going to receive it in your life, and the more you’re putting yourself in a position of scarcity. It’s a cycle, and i don’t want to be a part of that cycle personally.”

  • “My parents lived in villages in Vietnam. They grew up in the war, they witnessed bombings, all things people shouldn’t see in that lifetime. And they fled the country because it wasn’t safe for them to be there anymore. When people are coming over this country in that scenario, they’re not saying ‘oh i’m so excited to leave my home and go somewhere i don’t know, and with people i don’t understand and leave my family behind. They’re leaving out of fear. And for them, their true prosperity is actually getting to experience a sense of freedom.”

  • “I definitely think when it comes to manifestation, it takes two things: the thinking and the action.”

  • “A witch is someone that is a healer, and that works with the energy of the universe, who believes in their own energy and their ability to influence the space around them.”

  • “Witches helped the community. People would always run to them for help, and because of the mainstream media and those narratives, those terms have been condemned. So for me, it’s a reclamation bringing it back and letting them know you can be a healer, you can be of someone who is of service to your community and prosper at the same time. We don’t have to be a martyr as we do this work. Let’s live our lives. We’re here! Let’s enjoy the life that we have.”

  • The heart economy makes decisions that are inherently good for the collective. So if we are going to make a decision around business, we’re not going to be doing it because it makes us more money. We’re going to do i because we love it it’s good for everyone involved, and because of that, we become more prosperous.”

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I am a divinely guided woman that mentors activated sacred women to define prosperity and luxury on their own terms. Together we pray with our feet and build a sacred container for money honey to grow, live, and exist with purpose. Each woman taps into her big fire and lives in alignment with her soul’s song. I have done my time in corporate land and found that there was a big piece missing from the conversation when I sat down with my clients in a traditional financial advising setting. Now, we get to engage in the full spectrum conversation around money honey & prosperity in all areas of our lives. The soul work fuels the action plan and inspires us to sing that love is money.


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