Listen to how Monisha's first colon hydrotherapy cleanse gave her the courage to leave her abusive relationship - and empower other people to do the same.


*The last ten minutes of this interview is a guided meditation.


  • “I feel all around me, the energy of this lineage… at least six people pushing me forward, minimum.”

  • “When you get tired, and you are pushed to move toward your given profession, you start putting things in alignment.”

  • “We have the power to transition all of this craziness and gift it back to that person who gave it to you. I wrapped it back up and put a bow on it. I don’t want it, thank you!”

  • “This profession has saved me. It has completely shifted the way that I look at healing. It’s more than water going through the colon. It’s this deep, cellular, visceral connection that we overlook often because we’re diagnosed. We’re taking medication that dulls the body so that the body can continue to be mistreated, so that you can continue to be misaligned. so that you can continue to stay at this job that’s killing you, that you can continue to stay at this relationships that’s killing you, or you don’t speak up for what you need, or you don’t ask for time off or take a break or sip a cup of tea.”

  • “NO is a complete sentence... You don’t have to explain why you have boundary.  There’s no explanation needed, NO. And that’s where the healing begins because now you’re given space for you to dialogue with your shit. Literally!”

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Moya Body Care was manifested more than twelve years ago by Monisha Garner as a holistic and organic body care company treating sensitive skin. Over the years, Moya has become something stronger and greater.  She inspires you to move towards a healthier mind, body, and spirit. She combine Eastern and Western philosophies with ancient healing and spiritual practices to offer you an experience of holistic wellness that reconnects with your original source of energy, so healing occurs naturally.

Her Extensive Credentials Include:
- Massage Therapy Instructor
- Advanced Certified Colon Hydrotherapist/ GPACT Instructor
- Clinical ColoLAVAGE Certified Therapist
- Detox and Cleansing Specialist
- State Licensed & Certified Massage Therapist
- Certified Yoga & Pilates Instructor
- Certified American Heart Association CPR/First Aid/BLS Instructor
- Certified Iridologist


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