Whatever you choose to do this weekend, celebrate your existence. It is more than enough. Freedom is not something we strive for as an aftermath of our struggles, but is something we can begin to embody today.

It is our duty to fight for our freedom.
It is our duty to win.
We must love each other and support each other.
We have nothing to lose but our chains.
— -Assata Shakur

I'll be honest. I dissociated myself from politics all week. The one time my partner turned on the TV to show Obama leaving the White House as Trump took his place, I wept. I feared for so many of my friends who are undocumented or pending statuses, and I also feared for my future as a woman who relies on accessible reproductive health care. All I wanted to do was have a nice dinner on inauguration day and carry on as if it were any other day, but as I drove through downtown Long Beach, I saw the hundreds of people taking it to the streets. The only thing I felt was love as I witnessed so many of my friends of multiple identities fiercely marching in unison as they led with their hearts. I did not feel fear, nor did I feel anger. I felt inspiration, community, and collective action. We parked the car and joined.

I am so proud to be a part of this community. While the larger march took place today in Los Angeles, I wasn't able to attend due to a wedding - but I had my own form of resistance. I dressed in my best pants and bowtie, not wanting to limit myself to any gender norms. The wedding happened to take place next door to the Trump estates. We drove by and witnessed someone holding a sign next to the entrance that said "NOT MY PRESIDENT". Resistance and resiliency is all around me.

( Trump National Golf Club behind me! #notmypresident )

( Trump National Golf Club behind me! #notmypresident )

These next four years are going to be an opportunity for some deep practice in my spirituality and grounding, while also coming up with other creative forms of resistance: Art and medicine making, defying more gender norms, talking to many strangers and turning them into friends, the creation of more healing spaces, a time for mourning and also a time for JOY. If we cannot depend on our government to take care of us, we must learn how to love and protect one another. Who are the local healers we can call upon? How many of our neighbors can we trust to look out for us so that we don't have to rely on the police and our criminal justice system to "solve" our problems? Sending you much love in whatever you choose to do, but most importantly, I hope you remember that YOU are enough, and that we can extend that message out to all those around us who might be in fear of what's to come. After all, on the other side of our fear is an opportunity for change. If we are at the bottom, the only way from here is up. Let us rise together.

Helpful links for those who weren't able to march today (and the next four years!):

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