Thank you, Body


Artwork by @dboodoofortune ... Any journey toward health and wellness must begin with self love and acceptance. It's taken me a long time to learn this, while also being conscious of the systems of oppression and societal conditionings that tell us to look or act a certain way if we do want to be accepted. Even people with "ideal" body types struggle with self love, and I especially see this in exercise regimens where people work-out even harder as if to punish their bodies for a lifetime of shame and self hatred. Imagine if workout programs first began with self-love, gratitude, and forgiveness as a pillar. I love my body just as she is, I am grateful for all she has carried for me, I forgive myself if I thought any less of her and am blessed she is able to speak to me when she feels she is not being heard. I choose to do a better job of listening to her, and will advocate on her behalf when I feel her health and well-being is being compromised. May my radical love for self become the embodiment of love for others, and may this serve as an invitation for you to practice this mantra. 🙏🏾