Power to the Plantain


You know when things seem to be falling apart? That epic meal you spent hours making splat on the floor. That event you planned for months now over. That workout routine you swore you’d keep up fell off. That business or program you wanted to launch keeps getting postponed. Leaving toxic environments or relationships. Misplacing things and feeling forgetful. Sickness, sadness, frustration, and the overwhelming feeling of being stuck or behind while asking, “What’s next?”. I’ve been feeling this way the past month, recognizing it’s a pattern for me every winter (even though it’s still sunny here), but I’m learning how to sit with it and recognize this is a part of the flow without having to suppress it. Some of my succulents didn’t survive, and what felt like a reflection of my life were the resilient plantains growing in this pot gifted to me by @greenwisdom that gave up their fight and wilted away. I dreaded looking at them as I walked up to my doorstep, but still I watered them. Like watering a graveyard, hoping they would reincarnate from the dead to greet me again. And just when I was ready to give up (cuz I clearly don’t have a green thumb like my ancestors), these babies sprouted to the surface as my teachers. 🌱 Your body is a garden, as is life and all your relationships. No matter how many times it may feel desecrated, it will grow over and over again. Every time I grow, I shed parts of myself that no longer serve me meant to become as compost for the seeds that have have been incubating in my conscience. And next thing you know, our lives become like the wildflowers that bloom in the desert come springtime until it is time for them to return to the earth once more. We are the gardeners and the garden we must tend to. And when we tend to ourselves, how beautiful it is we will have an abundance of seeds to share with others. 😊 Reflecting that every interaction serves as nourishment, even the smelly ones that weren’t roses. (Or as @indigemama shared with me yesterday, everything is sacred- including taking a 💩.) It’s all in the soil now!! Thank you Mother Earth for all of your lessons. If I am slow to respond, it’s cuz I’m in incubation mode tilling away... 🌰

"Lol also plantain thrives in conditions that need healing. Probably not best in a nice perfect pot, but in parks and public spaces." - Veronika Lee Hoover

I am pretty sure I was a plantain in my past life. :)