Happy International Workers Day


Happy May Day (aka international workers day)! Shoutout to those who have advocated for 8 hour work days, breaks, benefits, and more - and shout out to the union organizers that continue to do so today.

This photo was 📸 in 2013 by @ponlorkmichael when I refused to miss any protests cuz I loved the energy of people mobilizing together for a common cause. While our president has his own idea of what immigrants look like, I see a beautiful group of people returning to reclaim their ancestral land to remind us that they didn’t cross the borders; the borders crossed them. But most important, I do not see division as much as a call-to-action for us to unite and celebrate our indifferences. I see the power and possibility of what it looks like to have an indigenous woman at the forefront of leadership.

And today, I see song and dance as a form of resistance - whether on the streets or in our homes. The body is so wise and eager to be celebrated, too! What does ‘movement’ work look like for you today? 💕

I’ve learned that my desire to protest was rooted in a physiological response in my body to constantly be in fight mode. This is why I witness so many people burn out around me, and on the polar opposite spectrum can look like difficulty getting out of bed from sadness and constantly being on the go. My time has now been invested in bodyworkers, healers, and coaches who are helping me achieve harmony through creating homeostasis. While I’ve been gaining a greater understanding of the nervous system and how stress arises in my body, liberation is now an inner experience that I hope begins to trickle out to those around me.

I think we all have our place in the “movement”, and while we cannot ignore the injustices that exist let us not forget that creating opportunities to experience joy is also an act of resistance when society would rather see us tearing down each other. (I am not opposed to anger, and see it as a beautiful spark toward creation!) If you’re able to, move your body. Take a moment to be still and breathe in gratitude for how this incredible vessel has brought you to this moment. <3 And when in doubt, look at this incredible elder taking lead as she beams with the strength of the ancestors who got her back!