Why I Stopped Using a Vision Board

If you're like me, wintertime means hibernation (even if it's still sunny and rarely drops below 70 degrees in Long Beach, CA!). In my teenage years, holidays used to make me feel sad as I compared myself to other friends with big families who received mountains of gifts while my small Thai family made very little effort to celebrate. My twenties became and opportunity to leave Turtle Island with all the money I saved up from my part-time job during Christmas and New Year since I knew it wasn't a big deal for me to be home for the holidays, but this later felt unsustainable as I returned back to the states still feeling like something was missing.

Do you ever feel the need to escape, only to realize your problems still travel with you?

As the years have gone by, I've learned how valuable it is to stay put in one place (and it surprises me how much joy and peace I have found in this... my younger self would be shocked!). Through my spiritual practice, I've returned home to my body  - and today I create new rituals that suit me to welcome the New Year.

For several years, I created a vision board to envision what the upcoming year could look like. I even hosted a workshop on how to make one last year! I still have have my old vision boards as visual eye candy and as a reminder of where I'm headed, but for 2019 I'm ready to put actual strategies and timelines into my dreams.

(Hint: The "Law of Attraction" only works when you take action!)

What would it look like for me to combine my calendar, post-it notes, and vision board all in one place?



Using tactics from the Bullet Journal, I am now dedicating one notebook to set my intentions for 2019 (at least, the next couple of months until this baby is filled). In this video, I'll briefly show you how every page has a different intention and some writing prompts to help me remain focused. They include:

- Moon chart (to track my mood and periods)
Elder Goals (Envisioning my future self)
- Chakra Guide (things to do when my chakras feel out of alignment)
- Wheel of Life (to track the areas in my life I'd like more balance)
- Boundaries Mantra (something I'm getting better at)
- Wishlist (cuz that juicer I want is not a business expense...)
- Cool Stuff to See
- Content Creation Ideas (including YOUR STORY MEDICINE!)
- Courses/Books to Complete
- Habit Tracker 

...and more!

Click on the video below to see timestamps in the description:

I didn't realize that this could be of value to people, until a friend asked me where I received my templates. (I made a lot of this stuff up and adapted other strategies to suit my needs. It can also be embarrassing to show that I still write my schedule down on paper!) It makes me think, how many of us are hiding our talents/gifts out of fear of judgement?

There's so much I want to do, so many resources to manifest, and with time being my most valuable asset I hope that this serves as accountability and inspiration to myself and to all of you of where to focus this energy for 2019 and beyond. (Eventually, I'll start using more online tools like Trello and other fancy software to create better workflows - but this feeds my inner muse for now!)

Did this video give you any ideas or inspiration? I'd love to hear back from you!

In the meantime, embrace the winter solstice and know that it's completely okay to "incubate" in your cocoon as nature has intended for us during this phase. 🐛If the Christmas craze doesn't feel in alignment with you, it's okay to not get caught up in the hype so that you can take this time to explore the beauty of your inner world!

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