Rachel Ricketts is a racial justice advocate, spiritual healer, grief coach, writer and speaker. Today we cover:

  • Grief as an experience, not an emotion

  • #blacklivesmatter and the #metoo movement

  • Spiritual activism, beyond allyship and self-care

  • How to unplug from the Matrix of White Supremacy


*The last five minutes of this talk is a guided meditation.


  • “Grief is not an emotion; it’s an experience.”

  • “Racism and sexism causes grief for everyone.”

  • “The time to face your shadows and heal is now.”

  • “Healing is a full time job, and the purpose of my healing is for myself and my family line. It’s so that i can fill my cup back up so that i can get out there and do the work that’s required.”

  • “I cannot subscribe to the world of self-care because it’s been stolen…”

  • “Sometimes self-care is the really hard dirty, dirty, get your hands messy, wade in the muck. It feels awful - and that is the most self-care thing you can do because you are dealing with your trauma. But I’m dealing with my trauma so that i can fill my heart up, so that i can clear the space in my vessel of whatever isn’t serving me so that i can fill that up and create space.”

  • “If i sat down and said, ‘What have you done to commit to racism today?’ and you have nothing, but you’re telling me i can’t with what’s on the news, we have a problem. So you have some work to do on yourself and then getting out there and actually making change in the world.

  • “I call what i do spiritual activism because i don’t believe that spirituality comes without activism. If you truly are spiritual, if you are connected to all of us being connected, then you want to fight for a better world for all because my suffering or your suffering is women if color is everyone’s suffering.”

  • “It think it’s helpful to have an acknowledgement that these systems are in place, and that we’ve been educated on them and probably subscribing to them for our own survival from birth. And our parents were probably feeding us white supremacy for breakfast, whether they intended to or not.”

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Rachel Ricketts is a racial justice advocate, spiritual healer, grief coach, writer and speaker. Combining her wealth of experience as a lawyer, intercultural communications educator + trainer, loss + grief professional and her personal experiences navigating the world as a Black woman, she curates difficult but necessary conversations with compassion.

As an outspoken champion for women of colour and our healing, Rachel is passionate about creating and holding space for us to face our feelings and dive deep into the tough stuff - be it race, gender, death, burnout, stress, loss or grief. She believes women of colour's healing will lead to this world's salvation.

Rachel has worked with international companies including WeWork, Lululemon, Halfmoon and Native Shoes; written for global publications such as Thrive, Black Girl in Om, Huffington Post and Elephant Journal; and presented at SXSW, a renowned multidisciplinary conference. She will also be speaking at the upcoming Follow Black Women conference organized by Catrice Jackson this October. Rachel loves donuts, dancing and all things metaphysical. Catch up with her on IG @iamrachelricketts


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