“June’s spoken word pieces about people is one of her biggest strength. She makes sure to collect enough info about an individual/group and give life to their stories. As if they are telling the story. As a result, she has inspired me to change my views of life and how to run youth programs .”
— Sambo Sak, Program Coordinator, Dignity Health | St. Mary's Medical Center
Jumakae’s poem was very inspiring. I related to the difficulties and or challenges on lifer through your perspective, but what made it come into our ears was the enthusiasm. She was very powerful through not only her words but also her tone of voice and that’s what really captured our attention.
— Orvelina Maldonado; Dafne Hernandez
What I got from your presentation was excitement since your words opened a new door for ideas. You as a person are an inspiration because you have motivated me to improve my neighborhood.
— Javier M, Student at Manual Arts High School
The presentation was great, I enjoyed how you read the poem. The best part was how you talked about the writing
around Los Angeles walls is where you find the pain. It made me realize that I need to help my community. You opened my eyes.
— Kevin M., High School Student