Do you struggle with how to respond when people ask, “What do you do for a living?”

Do you feel that your story could serve as someone else’s breakthrough, but don’t know where to begin?

Have you told yourself that you don’t have a story, or that no one will want to listen to you?

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As a result of working with me, 
people are comfortable in their body, confident in their speaking, and have the CLARITY to further their message.


Speaking is a full body sport.

According to communication experts worldwide, 93% of communication is nonverbal. 
That means if you're solely relying on words, your message may not be coming across!

it’s time to embody your story and break generations of silence.

Our bodies carry stories, but most of us neglect any parts below our shoulders. How do we tap into different energetic points that go beyond people’s ears so that our message can enter their heart?

Take your words beyond paper and powerpoint.

Improve your vocal skills and stage presence.

Overcome your fear of public speaking and start to enjoy it!

Create opportunities to land more gigs as a speaker.

Rewrite old narratives that move you from pain to purpose.

Quit procrastination and take action toward your goals.

Confidently approach opportunities to share your story medicine, from jobs to podcast interviews.

HEAL YOUR THROAT CHAKRA by clearing stagnation in your body!

All you need is that one story to spark a movement.

Make your ancestors proud by carrying on their resiliency through your words.

Storytelling for Entrepreneurs Workshop at Muse Business Academy 2019

Storytelling for Entrepreneurs Workshop at Muse Business Academy 2019

In combination with speaking, LET’S formulate your own signature workshop to go with your story.

Facilitating workshops are a dance between YOU and your PARTICIPANTS.
By working with me, you will learn:

  • How to facilitate meaningful conversations with people

  • How to move your audience from spectators to active participants

  • How to start taking yourself seriously as an entrepreneur via marketing/branding your message

  • How to book additional gigs as a speaker and workshop facilitator (and get paid for it!)

  • And *drumroll* how to do it while still being your beautiful, unique self.


  • Changemakers who want to spread their message to inspire stakeholders and everyday citizens toward action and social change, like Coalition for Good Jobs and Healthy Communities.

  • Entrepreneurs who are ready to add value to their products and services by sharing their personal story to potential investors and customers, like Ratana at Planberri.

  • Organizational leaders who are seeking ways to motivate their team so that they can stay aligned with their vision and mission, like the Tiyya Foundation.

  • Coaches/Consultants ready to improve their public speaking skills for larger audiences and a wider clientele, like Kea of Aha! Coaching.

  • Creatives, authors, and closeted storytellers who are looking to overcome anxiety and fear of being publicly seen.
    *The examples are all previous clients of mine!

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  • STRATEGY SESSION: $500 for 2 hours

    *includes 3 hour strategy session

  • 3 months of unlimited coachinG: $2,250
    *$2,000 if paid in full.*

    *Currently accepting applicants for June - August.
    Scholarships are available on a case-by-case basis.

    Because i only take a limited # of clients,
    please fill out this form first AND receive a 20-minute complimentary call with me:

let’s see if we’re a good match!


“I'm early in my coaching partnership with June, but in the time we have worked together, she has reminded me in no uncertain terms of my power. Not only has she helped me to connect with the finer points of my story and how that can offer healing and guidance to others, but she has supported me in getting out of my head. What do I mean by that? Well, as a career marketer, I was always quick with counseling my clients on ways to best elevate their brand and provide value to their audience. However, when the brand I was marketing was me, I was drawing a blank. I forgot many basic things that I could do to elevate my brand and establish myself as a leader, but June helped me to reconnect with that expertise. She offered different ideas for me to consider (that by the way have already gotten rave reviews from clients), she has reminded me to flex my CEO skills, to collect evidence of my expertise, and to not be afraid to ask for the speaking engagements I want, and to set my terms for those opportunities. If you are ready to stop going it alone, and ready to hear what you need to hear (and what what you want to hear) but always with love to elevate your brand, June is the coach for you.”


Kea Meyers Duggan
Founder & CEO of The Aha! Project
City: Los Angeles, CA


  • We will meet on ZOOM. I will send you an appointment time and link to connect with me.

  • Storytelling begins as an inner experience and the stories we've been telling ourselves. We will have a dialogue with these inner critics and explore how they serve (or sway) us from taking action so that our most authentic voice can emerge.

  • You are the driver of the conversation. While storytelling and workshops facilitation are my expertise, personal development and business mentorship are the tools I use to get us there.

  • If public speaking is your goal, we will work on editing your story, memorization, and audience engagement techniques so that you feel confident enough to share.

  • If you currently do not have work prepared, we will come up with content together using activities, challenges, and prompts I will provide.


You will....

  • ...confidently respond with an answer when people ask, "What do you do for a living?" and turn a small conversation into a potential client or partner.

  • ...have a 3-5 minute signature story that can be repeatedly used for conferences and events where you're asked to speak about yourself and your business.

  • ...learn to communicate more succinctly and effectively. Facial expressions + tonality + pacing = everything.

  • …learn how to negotiate your speaking/workshop rates and sell from the heart.

  • ...EMBODY what it is you PREACH. (I will coach you on how to carry yourself by exploring the different energetic points within the body that may be holding you back from speaking your truth!)

  • ...foster powerful connections professionally and personally. Expand your tribe!

  • ...grow to love yourself radically and unconditionally as you create new beliefs systems. Your environment and relationships will evolve as a result.

  • ...create ripple effects for healing to occur as you inspire others to share their stories through yours.

As a transformational life coach (ICF approved), much of the groundwork is moving beyond limiting beliefs to recognize that your story is worth sharing and waiting to be told.



I have been facilitating workshops and performing on stages for over 10 years! Aside from earning my college degree in Theater Arts and Communication Studies, I have also:

  • Spoken at college campuses such as UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, CSU Dominguez, CSU Long Beach for Asian American student organizations in need of motivation from the pressures of academia

  • Hosted art events, discussion panels, and curated film screenings connecting people from Cambodia to Brazil to discuss issues related to equity, immigration, healthcare access, and indigenous rights

  • Coached one of the very first youth slam poetry teams in Long Beach, CA and brought them to the semi-finals of the largest international poetry competition called Brave New Voices

  • Wrote and performed original keynote poems and speeches for conferences and organizations that have been instrumental in passing policies for hotel workers’ rights and environmental justice

But it wasn’t always this way…

I was a shy child with coke bottle glasses and crooked teeth who preferred a pencil over people.
Bullying was an everyday occurrence for me, and I didn’t have role models to look up to since no one looked like me on television. As a survivor of sexual trauma, I had a lot of energetic blockages in my sacral chakra that I’ve invested a ton of healing in to help me further embody and speak my truth.

This is why it became crucial for me to become the role model I didn’t have growing up.
After being a part of various stages as an actress and musician, realized the entertainment industry didn’t light me up as much as teaching non-actors how to own their own stage in life.

Mentors began appearing in my life such as motivational speaker Lisa Nichols and legendary artist Nobuko Miyamoto to show me that stories have the ability to heal.

Lisa Nichols & June

Lisa Nichols & June

Nobuko Miyamoto & the Generations

Nobuko Miyamoto & the Generations

Today, I am regularly booked as a speaker, performer, and workshop facilitator for various universities and organizations that desire deeper connections with one another through shared stories.

So what’s your story medicine, and are you ready to share it?


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More of my training background can be found here.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
— Maya Angelou