Educated Men with Meaningful Messages

“June’s spoken word pieces about people is one of her biggest strengths.  She makes sure to collect enough info about an individual/group and give life to their stories as if they are the ones telling it. She has inspired me to change my views of life and how to run youth programs. Our program is centered around a story-based model compared to before.  We look at ways of build dialogues about topics, for example our most common workshop our community.  We set up 3-4 flip chart about issues in their community they maybe familiar with.  We often use these( school, neighborhood,  violence, health).  Students do a gallery walk and write down things that come up when they see the word.  At the end, in their groups they would either do a poem or share a story about that issue.

Orgs/individuals who work with underrepresented communities are highly recommended to work with June.  June will go above and beyond to get their stories shared.  However, as caution those who may not be familiar working with artists, their style of work tests the boundaries of the average person.  To avoid this, come with ideas of what stories you want to uplift and how June can support you.  She's a team player and will provide guidance on how to help your organization.“

-Sambo Sak, Program Coordinator (Educated Men with Meaningful Message | Dignity Health)