Mental Health America of Los Angeles

“June made herself available on very short notice (two days) to hold a workshop for my team. I greatly appreciated June's willingness to assist, even though the request was last minute (three days before). The workshop itself was very cathartic both for myself and for my team, which brought us closer and helped us bond. The exercises June had us do brought out our inner child and began the process of addressing long-term trauma in my team's life, which was an amazing experience. In this way, June's workshop brought to the surface the true reasons why my team works with people who have experienced trauma: compassion, empathy, caring, and hope.

The experience was also extremely beneficial for me as I was able to make myself vulnerable to my team in a way I hadn't before. Since June took the reigns, I was able to be in a place of vulnerability, which allowed my team to trust me more as a supervisor. It humanized me in a way that none of the other trainings could because we were all speaking from the heart, not the mind.”

Beck Levin
Program Manager
TAY Academy --Project Navigate
Mental Health America of Los Angeles