Sisterhood Rising Leadership Retreat

BACKGROUND: Sisterhood Rising is an annual summer retreat for young women of color from all Building Healthy Community sites throughout California, sponsored by the California Endowment and led by California Conference for Equity and Justice. I serve as a planning team member and wellness coordinator.

"June, I appreciate you so much for talking about the different pieces of anger with us. Discussing words/phrases like 'calm down," or "be positive" and affirming for me that it's okay to not be that all the time. Growing up, my mom wouldn't allow me to be angry... I've always felt that I shouldn't sit in my anger, but it's okay to have that emotion and not let it have me. Thank you for affirming that for me in my healing walk." - Briana K.

"Thank you for leading the wellness workshop. It really helped me connect with nature. Also, thanks for reminding us to give ourselves affirmations. It made me really recognize that I have a lot to offer." - Halima

"You're always an amazing source of inspiration and centering. Your mental health/triggers workshop genuinely changed my life in terms of mental health. You are absolutely amazing and you are truly a hero of Sisterhood Rising. Thank you so much for everything you do. Keep being your wonderful self and keep shining and blooming." -Sam

"Dear June, only you can talk about triggers with so much excitement. The journey you've been on is so clear, the depth of your love and commitment is shown in all the materials you bring forward. Thank you for your many gifts." - Kruti

"June, you are truly amazing! I love you so much! Last year you left such a huge impact on me. You make me want to keep on fighting for myself. Thank you so much!!!" - Esme

"Thank you for having the amazing energy and personality you have. Thank you for reminding us to give ourselves and others affirmations. You are seen and appreciated." - Alba

"Thank you for your powerful workshops. I feel like you have so much medicine to share. I appreciate you." -Lucy

"Thank you for sharing your mind with us. I want to thank you because I'm going to start my healing journey thanks to you!" - Anonymous