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As a result of working with me, 
people are comfortable in their bodies, confident in their speaking, and have the tools to further their message.

Speaking is a full body sport.

According to communication experts worldwide, 93% of communication is nonverbal. 
That means if you're solely relying on words, your message may not be coming across!

Take your words beyond paper and powerpoint.
Move the audience with your story medicine.
Create opportunities to land more gigs as a speaker.
Rewrite old narratives that move you from victim to victory.
HEAL YOUR THROAT CHAKRA by clearing stagnation in your body!
Make your ancestors proud by carrying on their resiliency through your words.



  • We will meet on ZOOM. In person is also available in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Orange County area.

  • Storytelling begins as an inner experience and the stories we've been telling ourselves. We will have a dialogue with these inner critics and explore how they serve (or sway) us from taking action so that our most authentic voice can emerge.

  • You will share with me your written and/or spoken work. If you currently do not have work prepared, I will assign you prompts to build content from.

  • I will work with you on editing your story, memorization, and audience engagement techniques so that you feel confident enough to share.

  • You will provide a recording of your talks as I offer reflections, praise, and room for growth.


You will....

  • ...confidently respond with an answer when people ask, "What do you do for a living?" and turn a small conversation into a potential client or partner.

  • ...have a 3-5 minute signature story that can be repeatedly used for conferences and events where you're asked to speak about your business.

  • ...EMBODY what it is you PREACH. (I will coach you on how to carry yourself by exploring the different energetic points within the body that may be holding you back from speaking your truth!)

  • ...learn to communicate more succinctly and effectively. Facial expressions + tonality + pacing = everything.

  • ...foster powerful connections professionally and personally. Expand your tribe!

  • ...grow to love yourself radically and unconditionally as you create new beliefs systems. Your environment and relationships will evolve as a result.

  • ...create ripple effects for healing to occur as you inspire others to share their stories through yours.

You can book me for additional sessions when needing a storytelling coach for practice, feedback, voice exercises and stress reduction techniques to help prepare you for public speaking or performance opportunities and help you land more opportunities! As a transformational life coach (ICF approved), much of the groundwork is moving beyond limiting beliefs to recognize that your story is worth sharing and waiting to be told.

Because i only take a limited # of clients,
please fill out this form before an introduction call: