"June took the time to consult me on challenges we were facing at The Tiyya Foundation. Although fulfilling; providing community support for families of refugees, low-income immigrants, and displaced American’s is not as easy as it sounds. Being a grassroots organization, we're forced to use minimum resources to make a huge impact. Unfortunately, that will take the form of a small staff at times alongside long hours of labor (with love).  After talking to June and listening attentively to my employees, we invited her to facilitate a workshop on self-care and personal boundaries. The thought of having permission to be vulnerable and raw in a safe space was empowering for my team.  By the end of the workshop, we were able to strengthen our trust in each other and honor the challenges we face each day. I recommend working with June Kaeswith if you are a nonprofit organization who is learning ways to adapt to growing the needs in our communities and you’re discouraged by the thought of saying No.  With June’s facilitation, I learned that it’s the no’s that help you make the correct yeses on this journey.  Thank you so much, Jumakae!  Tiyya is honored to have you as a Friend and longtime supporter."

- Meymuna Hussein-Cattan, Executive Director & Co-Founder