Blasian Narratives

June came in as a retreat facilitator to help open up for Blasian Narratives first retreat— who were predominantly performers and core members of our organization. One powerful exercise that June facilitated was called Revolutionary Chakra Alignment where she connected each chakra with powerful quotes from revolutionaries like Malcolm X and Yuri Kochiyama. She also opened it up by helping us set up an altar as a way for us to invite and honor our ancestors and loved ones. She helped set a strong foundation of trust as we shared positive affirmations vocally and out loud with each other before we got to work.

I was personally aware of June’s background work with community building and artivism, and knew that she would be an excellent asset for any community to have.

June helped us set and clarified our intentions as individuals and as a collective. She helped remind us of the agency and autonomy that we all have— that we CHOOSE to do the work that we do and reclaiming power through that.

As a result, our group gained a deeper sense of camaraderie and vulnerability. The group was able to help cleanse that individual self-doubts that we have which was a beautiful purification process. Furthermore, individuals felt affirmed and heard through the exercises that June shared with us. We all left with at least one new tool—especially the power of reframing word choices— that we always can CHOOSE.

If we did not have June there, there would have been a missed opportunity to get to know the other members on a much deeper level. There were key information that we did not know about each other, and through June’s facilitation, those were shared so organically.

June is a compassionate and passionate healer that naturally inspire a restoration and transformation of any organization that has the fortunate of meeting her.

-Jivan Atman, Former Director of Blasian Narratives