Forget Your Resolutions

Happy New Year! If your resolutions fail, there’s always Chinese New Year in February and Thai/Khmer/Lao New Year in April and well... you can pick any day to be a new you. 💕

2018 lessons learned:

🌟 Building a business means taking responsibility for everyyyyything, especially the downfalls. It’s showed me how much I blamed external circumstances in my past, and how I truly am in control of all results in my life. I stopped blaming the system, the economy, the COSMOS, or other people for any “failure” and turned to gratitude for all the lessons learned from these experiences. ✨

🌟 i prefer generative conflict over nonviolent communication. Tension is a beautiful thing only when we are open to expansion. (Otherwise, stagnation.) Bring. It. On. 🔥

🌟 How one responds to adversity in life will be the determining factor to any outcome. 👊🏾

🌟 Self-care is a full-time job, which means it’s okay to walk away from unhealthy circumstances to make this priority. 💤

🌟 Mentors shift, and that’s okay. Different people provide different lessons at different times in life. 👣

🌟 Money is simply a tool; I’ve learned to view my spendings as “investments” vs “debt” - and am willing to take responsibility for any losses (and wins!) 💰

🌟 A new life is going to cost you: friends, time, money, and more - but it doesn’t have to cost your health. Just remember your future self and inner child are cheering you on the other side. 🙌🏾

🌟 Leading with curiosity and compassion is a lot more fun than living with judgement and resentment. 😸

🌟 My strengths are greater than my trauma. 💪🏾

🌟 Courage is a muscle that is exercised through fear (and failure). If it terrifies you, you probably should try it. 😉

I am proud of the many fears I’ve befriended this past year, and am ready to befriend more. In what ways have you been courageous this year? If you haven’t yet, take the time to celebrate that. 🥳